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The Great War
The Great War

The Great Battle (New Pocket edition) is a mobile national war game endorsed by the Chinese sweetheart--Mini Yang(Yang Mi). The game initiated a new generation for war games, create ideas of the splendid warfare scenes for every player to enjoy.

Game Features
No less fantastic than the PC Version
With special recommendation from Mini, The Great Battle brings you strong interaction with the game.

Money pockets, gifts are awaited!
A good deal of rewards will be sent out by Mini; even an opportunity of a close encounter with the sweetheart is no longer a dream!

Be the king of your empire
In The Great Battle (New Pocket edition), you will experience not only the achievement of becoming a hegemony, but can also enjoy the pleasant sensation of vanquishing the rivals with your beloved ones, win a triumph over the enemies with a force attack.

Zero cost for cross-server arena
In The Great Battle (New Pocket edition), cross-server battle is no longer a problem, you will compete with players from every separate sever.

Gain ancient mythical beasts for free

A variety of beasts with cool appearances for your mount selection; most importantly, it doesn t cost a penny!


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