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The Ultraman Series OL is the only official authorized mobile game of the classical Japanese tokusatsu: Galactic Hero Ultraman. Modeled after the childhood memory of three generations, the Ultraman Series OL fused the original sound tape together with the 100% original plot, reproduced the collection of all Ultraman heros and a large number of monsters, revivified the most authentic story of the galactic hero; The Ultraman Series OL is truly the most diligent Ultraman game in China鈥檚 mobile game market.

In addition to restore a large number of popular Ultraman heroes, The Ultraman Series OL also carefully burnished all aspects of the Ultraman world: the light trick ultimate, the transformation of special effects, all kinds of magic weapon, the determination of the human body, even the human organization that fights for the future of our planet. With the high quality of reduction technology, The Ultraman Series OL guarantees the best experience for every fan and player.

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