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Siege Of Thrones is a third person massive-player action game with a RPG-mode leveling up higher rank to unlock more sidekicks and Skills. Players are divided into two forces to Siege castle and win the Throne.
Massive-Player castle-sieging Battle锛欳atapult, Ballista, Ladder Troll, Ramming Troll; Players can lead a team of over 10 other players or squiring sidekicks in the field, as well as pilot all kinds of siege weapon or creatures to gain advantage.

銆怱ingle Play銆
Tutorial and solo battles to level up your character

銆怭VP銆戯細World-wide players compete in several PVP modes, each battle can accommodate hundreds of players. Winning battles earn points to level up your sidekicks or skills.
A battle is divided into two phases, 鈥淩esource Plundering鈥 and 鈥淕ates Offense-Defense鈥. Resource Plundering : Players will be assigned into two rival forces and fight for Resource Bases to collect camp supplies. The force with more resources will hold the initiative, and become the offense force in the second phase. Gates Offense-Defense : The offense force can pilot Catapults and ride various Siege Trolls to launch waves of attack on the Gates, the defending players can destroy the siege weapons, or counter with the ballistae atop the castle walls. The throne is always for winners.

Vehicles锛氥怰amming Troll銆
Causes massive destruction to gates once in close range. Cannot attack ordinary units, must be escorted by players to reach the gates.

Causes ranged AOE damage to enemies in front of the city gates. Causes little damage to trolls, siege soldiers and catapults. Cannot move, can be easily destroyed by enemies who have climbed the walls, not repairable.

Causes ranged mass damage to city gates, causes secondary level damage to players. Can be easily destroyed by defenders.

Vehicles锛氥怢adder Troll銆
Moves slowly following a fixed route, sets up a siege ladder once arrives at target spot. No attacking ability, moves slowly, needs players鈥 escort to target area.

Vehicles锛氥怋attle Troll銆
Scavengers of the battlefield, powerful charging skills and AOE stuns makes this 鈥淕iant鈥 capable of charging a way through the enemy formations , clearing the path for friendly soldiers.


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