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METEK and GIANT are jointly making a successor of a super S client game which has attracted millions of ZT’s players.

ZTOL, which has acquired more than 100 million players and popularly operated over 8 years, has recently finished its transferring from PC Game to Mobile Game and officially launched < ZT POCKET>. This heavyweight mobile game, which is jointly produced by GIANT and METEK, surpassed the data standards of level S mobile game on the date of publication. It is no doubt a super S product.


Four servers of <ZT POCKET> were full to the bursting point on the announcing date. Players urged to increase new servers on the official zones and forums and several famous Game Unions also pay their attention on this game. Such popular situation absolutely depends on the millions of users’ scare of this classic ZT’s IP. But as a super S product, it is far more than a great IP. It is the quality of the game and operation service which truly transform a game with great IP to a game with super S level.


   In terms of game quality, the development team of <ZT POCKET> is a strong and professional team whose members are rigorously selected by GIANT from its ZT PC game team elites and METEK who has contributed to mobile industry for more than 10 years. On the basis of solid research and development, <ZT POCKET> also spent 2 years on the R&D.  In this period, countless versions were iteration and every detail was carefully improved again and again. As producer said, “When we decided to develop this product, our target is just the super S product.  So we work with perfectionism and cannot tolerate any mistakes. Every detail should be perfect.” With this attitude, it is no doubt that <ZT POCKET> performed pretty well just after its launching.


   In the terms of operation service, the operation team of <ZT POCKET> implements a 7X24-hour working system to ensure that any players can get timely responses and solutions for any problems at any time.


   The success of <ZT POCKET> first publication has proven its quality and service as a super S product. It is worth of the expectation of millions of ZT’s players. After that, METEK and GAINT will continuously joint hands to provide better subsequent versions and operation services for this product.



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