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The favorite weather APP among post-90s ‘Weathood’ won the top three

‘Weathood’ has won millions of users, especially younger users by its fresh design and unique creativity since it launched on major platforms on February 2013. Only in one and half a year have ‘Weathood’ achieved the top three of weather APP. Among the large user base, the total number of post-90s even reached the peak of the industry.


Today, with the great development in mobile market, weather applications which are indispensable daily needs and software information have become the main applications of mobile equipments including mobile phones. This leads to the boost of weather applications. Standing out these APPs, ‘Weathood’ is highly recommended by substantial major manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Millet, Huawei, Meizu and Oppo.

Soon after its launching, ‘Weathood’ was shortlisted in top 20 of “2013 China Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” held by Tencent. ‘Weathood’ also won the design award of SnapPea’s No. 80 application market on 2013. In the selection of TMA (Top Mobile Awards) which is jointly organized by Journalism and Communication Institute of Peking University, Emarketing, Bailing Times, and supported by Wisdom Marketing Institute of Tencent, Netease Talent Base and Phoenix Primary Marketing Institute, ‘Weathood’ achieved top 100 of mobile applications of all industries and was the only weather application in the list. In the segmentation category of the list - "Life", ‘Weathood’ even won the top 3.

All these awards owe to the precise understanding of its product details and users’ market. Without superfluous functionality, its fresh surface leads users to clearly acquire the information most needed. The feature of switching the Central Weather Bureau to the American Meteorological source freely makes it possible for users who chase the higher accuracy of weather forecasting to choose the more trustful weather source.

Its unique functions, including Weathood flower system which can interact with users, creative function that all weather components can be freely placed and the Mini-Game of special flower-picking and Weathood guessing, all these result in the popularity among the post-90s.

Currently, the number of ‘Weathood’ users are continually increasing. Among these, the amount of subscriber growth and the growth rate of post-90s users are both in the forefront. We are convinced that with the accumulation of time, ‘Weathood’ will attract more and more people.



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