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 METEK and GIANT are jointly making a successor of a super S client game which has attracted millions of ZT’s players.

ZTOL, which has acquired more than 100 million players and popularly operated over 8 years, has recently finished its transferring from PC Game to Mobile Game and officially launched < ZT POCKET>. This heavyweight mobile game, which is jointly produced by GIANT and METEK, surpassed the data standards of level S mobil...

  METEK makes great achievements in mobile game market, with the launch of se... 2014-9-28
  The favorite weather APP among post-90s ‘Weathood’ won the top three 2014-9-27
  METEK becomes the only mobile software partner of the 35th ACM-ICPC Asia Re... 2010-11-4
  3GSU Full-speed “Green” Mobile Service Industry Environment—Initial Success... 2010-7-10
  Spreadtrum and Metek Establish a Strategic Partnership to Introduce "I Love... 2010-6-25
  New Cool Experience of METEK—Magic Eye 2010-3-25
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