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METEK is continuously expanding and committed to be the technology leader of the wireless world.
We are exploring our history and discovering the crucial milestone of our achievements.
No matter in the past, at present or in the future, we are always proud of what we have done.

2002-2005 2006-2008 2009-2011 2012-2014 2015-2016 Future Mission
METEK was founded in Shanghai.
Our first design of products was used by Siemens in its first Java black-and-white flagship mobile phone 6688i.
We successfully developed the first touch-screen shooting game in China, the first Java 3D engine in China and the world鈥檚 first 3D engine presenting underwater scenes
We assisted Motorola in designing a number of flagship mobile phone models, and successfully expanded the cooperation with Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and other world-famous brands.
METEK products recommended by Windows Mobile were exhibited at the Microsoft Exhibition Stand during the P&T/Expo Comm China.



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