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As one of the reputable brands in mobile software industry with a history of over 10 years, METEK has built up its unique passion and vitality on pulling together a group of young, diligent and like-minded youngsters, who have dreams and continuously explore new ways with gratitude to enhance people’s understanding of mobile phones.

High Efficiency
Color screen took place of black-and-white screen in just half a year, camera was embedded into mobile phones in a quarter and music phones swept the world overnight. Selling points are emerging in endlessly in the fast-changing wireless communications industry. As the leading enterprise of the industry, we have high-efficient mechanism and team to cope with precipitate industry reform on one hand, and to release highly competitive products rapidly on the other.

Our products are all-inclusive and our employees are from all around the country. Here, there is no territorial restriction or generation gap, no old-fashioned rule or ideological shackle. We provide customers with the most abundant platforms and offer our employees the broadest stage to give full play to the best of their abilities.

We are standing on a road no one has ever taken with no forerunner showing us the way forward and no experience to follow. We are making unremitting efforts to continuously develop new products to fill in blanks of the industry, and to continuously break through, surpass and improve ourselves to achieve success.

Vitality METEK


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